A Funny Idea of Ethics – from the clergy

The oldest church here in Salisbury is St Thomas’. The C of E is of course a major landowner, a tradition followed  here, with the church owning the adjacent St Thomas’ House just across the square. I knew that the prestigious (!) Salisbury Homeopathy College ran its events there, and recently learned about a course entitled “Autism Spectrum Disorder and Homeopathy”, conducted by one Mike Andrews who has written a book of the same title. Continue reading


Craig versus Dennett – a deliberately skewed debate

As we approach the major quasi-religious festival of the western world, I am departing from my normal health care related mode to consider religious belief. A short while ago a friend who is a Christian directed me to this recording of a lecture by the philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig, with a short reply by Daniel Dennett. I suggest that, if you haven’t heard the exchange before, you listen now and then read on. Continue reading

How rational will your next MP be?

It really is of little consequence which party forms the next government. Of immensely greater importance are the thinking skills of the members of parliament. Continue reading

Killing her softly……..

I have followed on and off the case of Dale and Leilani Newman who killed their daughter Kara. They did this by refusing to allow treatment for her diabetes. Kara was eleven years old. Her parents are Christians, who believe that the only treatment for illness is prayer. They and their friends prayed as she lay on the floor, and watched her die. Continue reading

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