Now we know how Burzynski gets away with it

Further to my questions put to Dr Constance Lewin at the FDA, I was greatly cheered to receive a reply on 12th December. Well of course I didn’t get the honour of a reply from the august Dr Lewin herself, but from Karen Mahoney, of Trade Media at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. She referred me to the White House petition site.

Yes, it’s an answer, but to the wrong question. I have to say that the author Janet Woodcock did a pretty good job at telling the Burzynski sycophants to get lost,which is fine as far as it goes. What I want to know is why the FDA allows a medical scam to continue.

So I thanked Karen for her reply, and pointed out the error. Indeed my original questions were still at the bottom of her email in reply, so I just told her to scroll down. Since then she has said that she has to consult with colleagues, and they still haven’t got back to her – that’s as of 20:00 UK time on 14th December.

Now what is rather annoying is that Dr Lewin, who is responsible for regulatory compliance by clinical researchers, has passed this on to what appears to be the news desk. She has obviously not followed up on the questions that I and many others have asked her. I am clearly not getting very far with the news desk, so I will email Dr Lewin again and set out the questions in bullet points. OK I am not a US citizen, but this issue has a big impact in the UK so there is public interest over here. Her address is

However, can any readers who are US citizens please take up the baton? Let’s have lots of you good brave Americans pressing Dr Lewin for answers. Can you lobby your democratic representatives? I for one am not going to be brushed off, and neither should you.


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  1. Update: As of today 22nd December, and even after another email to Dr Lewin, still not a word from the FDA. I think it’s clear as to what we can conclude. The FDA does not care a fig.

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