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Regulatory Rigmarole

I promised to update you if and when I heard anything concrete from the General Medical Council regarding its policy on evidence-based Practice. Miraculously, after I drew the GMC’s attention to my last post (which reported their deathly silence), the following hit my inbox:

Thank you for your inquiries about evidence based practice. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you. As my colleagues have indicated, the GMC has not issued any advice about complementary and alternative medicine. Continue reading

The political plot thickens

Well I don’t think it’s really a plot, as that would suggest that our lords and masters know what they are doing, sufficient to cook up some sort of plot at all. My last post predicted that I would get the usual “this correspondence is ended” reply from the Dept of Health. After further repetition of the previous letter, here is what I got:

…there is nothing further for the Department to add on this matter.

In other words, “We are not going to answer your questions so you had better get used to not asking them any more”. Do you detect a note of exasperation? Well I have it on extremely good and very senior authority that ministers are getting rather fed up with what they describe as “hectoring and unhelpful” questions from scientists about evidence in health care. Sorry, I can’t reveal my source, but you know you can trust me. Well it’s good news that we are getting them to notice. I don’t think now is the time to worry about how much sleep Earl Howe and Anne Milton are losing, so the message is, don’t back off.

Thus I have broadened the approach slightly. Firstly, there is the Dept of Health’s response to the NHS Future Forum Report. I homed in on a key statement in the summary:

…we will support clinical commissioning groups to make high quality, evidence-based decisions, with information joining up to support integrated care.

What can this mean? If you search for the word `evidence’ in the whole document you get 19 hits, but what I am really looking for is a clear statement that in this brave new NHS, health care providers are expected to follow evidence based practice. It doesn’t say that anywhere. Read it yourself, if you can stand the repetition and boredom. So I asked the Dept of Health. More than two weeks later I got the reply: Continue reading

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