Peer review – an update

I am very happy to respond more fully to Liz Wager’s comment here. It seems that my message to COPE disappeared into the ether somehow. I completed the contact form on the website, got confirmation that it had been received, and then nothing. Technical problem? Not sure, but I can certainly trust Liz when she says she never saw it.

It emerges that eCAM has not signed up to the COPE standards, so is not bound by them. Looking at the standards, it would be amazing if eCAM could accept them. Interestingly, the journal is leaving Oxford University Press in January 2011 and will be published by Hindawi. Meanwhile I will chase up OUP again while I have the chance.

So I am grateful for Liz Wager’s intervention and advice. We are fellow HealthWatch members and my previous post is reproduced as an article in the HealthWatch newsletter.


One Response

  1. Interesting news about ECAM moving publisher. I’d like to think that OUP had an attack of common sense. Or at least a “Reality Check”.

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